What’s it all about then?

She’s the cock, he’s the man. Together, they are the Cockmans and they are going forth to travel the world starting in Beijing, China. This journey of a lifetime will take them down into Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, South East Asia, Australia and New Zeland, and (if they don’t spend all their money on food for Carl and sunblock for Hazell) South America! For a full itinerary check out the itinerary page (subject to change of course).

So… for those of you unfamiliar with the Cockmans, here’s a short bio on each.

Carl Peter Chapman

Carl is 25, likes music, mindfulness, meat,photography, pretening he’s taller then he is, cockney rhymes, travel and ginger Welsh girls. He’s also fond of cape’s and has an imaginary friend named Balthamore that he claims to have met on the Isle of Skye.

Hazell Jane Cockle

Hazell is 25, 5 days older than Carl (which shows). She likes vegetarianism, travel, pretending she’s strawberry blond, masquerading as a teletubby, dragons, sheepies, and monkeys.

We hope you enjoy our blog – feel free to leave comments and tips for us!

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