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How Long Will Carl Remain Veggie? VOTE NOW!

During our stay in the Chinese province of Sichuan I fell in love with the cuisine. The area is known for it’s high spice content (la in Chinese), which is combined with the mighty Sichuan Pepper, (ma in Chinese). The latter is not actually a pepper corn, but rather the outer shell from a local plant, and induces an incredible numbing of the palette. My primary addiction was in essence a classic hotpot, the only difference being it was cooked by the chef in a blazing hot Wok before being served in a large bowl. At our favourite local restaurant this came in pork, chicken and beef varieties, all of which kept me going back for more. A blend of spices and Sichuan pepper infused the broth, meat, pak choi and celery. I could have eaten the stuff all day.

However, my trials with dubious meat in this area of the world continued, and in Tibet I got food poisoning from a Pork dish. I vowed that I was off the meat for good. I was that ill. Since that day no flesh has passed between my lips. I am in an intestinal void, the boundaries of which cannot be seen for the dense fog of hunger. I thought it would be interesting to garner some public opinion on this trial of body and mind, and I therefore declare the ‘How Long Will Carl Remain A Vegetarian?’ poll officially open. If and when meat does again hit my stomach, all correct entrants will receive a personalised, congratulatory email, containing a photograph of the dish which broke my vows.

Things to consider before voting:

The clock begins from the moment I make this post.

I have already not eaten meat for 10 days.

I am currently in Nepal, an area of the world with many vegetarian options

and meat of a questionable quality.

My girlfriend is a vegetarian and is not afraid to let me know it.

It is cheaper for us to eat vegetarian. Cheaper eating equals more money for travelling.

We travel to India next where Vegetarianism is the norm.

There are only so many vegetable curries one can eat. Meat tastes good in a curry.

I am really, really hungry.

Good Luck!

  1. Dave and Catriona
    August 16, 2010 at 2:05 pm

    Don’t persist with this foolish notion. Reasons being: Meat tastes good in curries.
    RELIGIOUS- God made animals out of food; it’s his (or her) will you eat them. To not eat them means you’ll go to Hell
    YOUR APPEARANCE- Being a vegetarian makes you skinny and ginger and possibly Welsh. (although I’m not sure about the last one – but definitely ginger!)
    SOCIAL STATUS – Low, on a par with a Leper or a Hippy , possibly lower. Meat tastes good in curries by the way.
    WILDLIFE ON YOUR FOOD – The veg has probably had something else try to eat it before it got to you; something slimy and incontinent with numerous legs. Small enough to hide in the veg and possibly still be there once it’s your turn to have a chew. The smallest thing that would try to eat a cow would possibly be a lion. They’re much easier to spot (albeit a bit trickier to brush off)
    THE FUTURE – The meat may be unspectacular now, but you know it will improve when you get home. Whereas grass clippings and muesli never raise their game no matter where you are in the world. Don’t burn your bridges before returning!

    • cockmans
      August 25, 2010 at 1:04 pm

      Winner of best comment goes to……..


  1. January 7, 2011 at 8:25 am

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